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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Ordeal From Winter Storm Alfred

Saturday October 31st I went to work as I usually do. I know they were talking about a NorEaster coming in later in the day. We had went and did our shopping and got our gas on Friday so we could just be home over the weekend. When I got home from work it had just started to snow big huge flakes. It was so pretty with all the white flakes coming down and the colorful foliage in the background.

And the snow continued to fall and fall and fall. It started to weigh everything down.

The large tree branches started falling and the power went out. We had branches falling all night on our roof. We were so lucky they didn't come  through the skylight or through the roof. I think when they fell they landed sideways so the whole branch landed at the same time and not on end where it would have came through the roof. Two large branches got tangled in the wires.

Half the branches on the tree in my front yard and half the branches from the tree in my backyard are laying on the ground. The town came and cut the branches from the wires on Wednesday. The city opened up a park near my house so people could bring all the branches and tree limbs and get their yards cleaned up. It's going to take about a goof 15 truck loads back and forth to get rid of ours. The bigger pieces we will keep for firewood.

We finally got our power back on Friday November 4th. Needless to say it has been a very long, cold week.


  1. Mercy, you got hit hard! I am so not looking forward to snow and bad weather..:( We lost power for a week once so I know how you were feeling during that time. We lost everything in our freezer and fridge..
    Great pictures and I love your window! THanks for sharing..

  2. i am so glad you have your power back, and that your house is ok. Thankfully, New Haven didn't have many power issues, so we got out ok. I can't believe some people still won't have it back til Monday! It's insane!

    -rachel w k

  3. Wow, we kept hearing on the National News down here in Maryland that it was taking forever for CT to get their power back. So glad you finally got it back!

  4. Lori, I've been lacking in my blog rounds but wow, what a storm and thank God those trees didn't go through the roof. I'm glad your power is back now and your new cards are so adorable, stay warm and safe, Hugs, Lori m