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Friday, October 14, 2011


This was a fun page to make. I have a Kodak Easy Share Point & Shoot camera and Dave has a Sony DSLR. Dave seems to think the better the camera the better the pictures. I say the better the photographer the better the pictures. So we each took a picture of each other taking a picture of the other.  His picture came out slightly blurry and the color night quite so crisp. My picture came out much clearer with crisper color.

What I used to create this page....
Cricut Cartridge "Pack Your Bags"
Peachy Keene Stamps
Camera Stencil
Camera Stamp
Ticket Stamp
Gel Pens
Paper Punch
Sticker Letters


  1. what a fun idea! never a bad idea to put those men in their place, lol!

    -rachel w k

  2. Fun lay-out!

  3. Hi Lori,

    Thank you for the well wishes and for stopping by my blog.

    I'm with you, our son sports a Nikon SLR with the bells and whistles and I'm a Kodak camera fan, I've matched mine against his and other SLR camera users and won hands down many times. For my Birthday this year he got me a new Kodak Z990 as I wore my old one out.

    Hugs, Lori m