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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blue Jay

Good Morning,

Looking out my kitchen window this morning there was another little visitor. Last week Dave was able to get a great picture of a Cardinal and today I got a pretty good shot of a Blue Jay. Now if only they would visit at the same time. I always tease Dave that I take better pictures with my point and shoot camera than he does with his DSLR. In this case I think his came out better and the zoom he has is much better than mine. My picture is not that bad but not as clear as his. When I zoomed in at the max I had a had time keeping the little green box around the subject cause it kept moving around trying to stay in focus.

The birds love this bush. I don't know what kind of bush it is. We had purchased a bunch of $1.00 clearance bushes from Lowes years ago. They looked dead at the time but Dave wanted the challenge of  bringing them back to life. They were about 1' tall and all dried out and leafless. But for a $1 he said why not. Now they are all about 12' tall and about 6' wide full of leaves in the summer and have dark berries in the fall and winter that attract the birds. They give us great privacy in the summer too.

This guy looks like he was posing for a picture.

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  1. Oh WOW! That blue color is absolutely gorgeous. It just amazes me to see these beautiful colors on living things. As much as I love crafting, it's just so much more vibrant in real life. I loved that cardinal too!

    Yesterday when I was leaving my school that has a lot of trees around it, we saw a woodpecker! It was pecking at the tree, but then when we moved the car back to get a better look, it must've flown away. I've started to understand why people go bird watching!

  2. Your photos are just beautiful, this did very well for point and shoot and I'm guessing no tripod on zooming in? Stunning, I'm using more manual features over my presets, I was loosing to many good shots with Noah moving so quick. Lately I'm loving up the "A" Aperture, "M" Manual, and the Paintbrush setting, I forgot what's that's called.

    Enjoy, hugs, Lori m