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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I So Want to Go Back!

This time last year I was at Cape Cod for the weekend. We spent the days walking on the beach, sitting in the sun, listening to the ocean and just relaxing. The weather went from sunny and warm, to overcast and windy, then to rainy and cold. At least the cold was later in the day on Sat and the rain came on Sunday for the ride home. when I wasn't on the beach I was scrapbooking. I made this entire album except for the last couple of pages while I was there. I so want to go back. I don't think I can wait till SEPTEMBER : (     This was Cody's first time at the ocean. He liked walking where the sand was wet but didn't like the water when the waves came in and got him wet. I think he looked so cute with his t-shirt and hoody. Had to keep him from getting sunburned and cold. I don't think he wanted to leave because he had such a sad face when we put him in the car to head home.


  1. What a great memory album, very pretty and I've never been to Cape Cod but its on my wish list for travels. :) Lori m

  2. Wow, crafting while on vacation, you are dedicated. Awesome album. Thanks for following me, I loved seeing my blinkie on your sidebar and I am returning the favor

  3. Very cool album...what a treasure for the future...You are following me and now I am following you...thanks